I am an emerging artist out of the Houston area, who is very much still exploring and learing about my skill everyday.  I am mostly a self taught artist, although I did rediscover my long lost love of art during a class at my local community college. I am a proud wife and mother of a 9 year old son and a nine moth old daughter.

     Once I met my husband, who also happens to be a very talented artist, I felt very shy about creating art because his was so amazing.  It was not until I had my son that I decided to go back to school. Once I took that first art class I realized I may actually have a knack for this whole art thing, and I have been painting/drawing ever since.  

     It is so satisfying for me to complete a piece, whether it takes two weeks or six moths.  As of now, I would describe my style as a mix between contemporary realism and photorealism.  I love capturing beautiful moments in time, while still adding my own personal touch.  There will be more pieces coming soon, so stay tuned ~ Stephanie LeVasseur


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