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Id like to get my bag painted.  Whats the first step?

Contact me. Send me a message through my contact page or directly email me.  I LOVE hearing my clients ideas so send me what you've got, what bag or accessory you have, and feel free to send me inspiration pics. Photos do not have to be of other bag art, just anything that catches your eye that you would like me to paint. From there I can work out a quote for you and give you all of the info needed to get started. As an artist, nothing makes me happier than to bring your idea to life:)

Do you do mock-up drawings beforehand?

Yes and no.  Unless its absolutely neccessary for me to give you a quote without doing a quick placement sketch, I usually do not draw anything out prior to receiving payment. If you would like me to sketch out something before payment is made, I certainly will for a $50 design fee/deposit which can be applied to the price of the bag. It may take 7-10 days for this to be completed. Once I receive your bag, before any prep-work or painting begins, I will draw everything out to scale (what I will be putting on you bag or accessory) for you to approve...unless its something very straightforward like a cartoon character, pet, etc.  

What are your prices?  

This varies greatly depending on what you'd like done.  Initials only are $25/letter and any custom artwork starts at $150 for cardholders/wallets.  

What is the turnaround time?  

In most cases once I receive your item to be painted, custom work takes about 3-4 weeks for completion. As I am getting more busy, there may be a waitlist to get your artwork done.  If there is a waitlist, its first come first serve to whoever makes a payment first and that changes almost daily. If I tell you something will take 3 weeks on Monday and you don't get around to finalizing everything until the next weekend, please verify that the turnaround has not changed.  If you are placed on a waitlist, you are welcome to hold onto your bag until I am ready for it.

How and when do I pay?

Payment is due before any prepping or painting is done to your bag.  For orders over $400, you have the option to split your payments in half.  Half is due before any work is done and the remainder is due once a photo of the completed item is sent to you and approved, before return shipment.  You can pay through Paypal, Venmo, or if you are local, cash or check when I receive it.  

Shipment/Pick up

For those in the Houston area, I can usually arrange to meet up and pick up/drop off your bag so disregard this next part;)

I usually ship USPS Priority or Ground with tracking (if its a very large box).  Prices vary by item and will include tracking.  I always reccomend adding the optional shipping insurance as I am NOT responsible for anything lost or damaged during shipping.  I have never had an issue, but ya never know.  I can also quote you for any value you put on your bag/accessory.

 I also offer anyone who has an account with Fedex or UPS the option to ship under their account.


Is the paint waterproof?

The paint will not run or alter in rain, etc.  There is a protective varnish over the paint which triple seals the painting against the elements.  Of course in extreme conditions where water would affect the quality of your bag, i.e.. cracking, dry rot, etc.  the painting may be compromised as well.    

What kind of paint is it? Will it last?

I use Angelus leather paint and varnish which is an acrylic based leather paint.  It was specifically designed for shoe and bag painting.

I also prep my bags/accessories based on the type of material prior to any painting.  This ensures the paint adheres correctly.  Its a VERY important step and if not done correctly can compromise the artwork on your bag eventually.  Once painted and approved by you, I then varnish your new artwork so that the painting is protected.  I also provide a Care Guide in the shipment.  It is a work of art on your bag, so as long as it is properly taken care of, the artwork will last the duration of your bag/accessory.  Please see my guarantee FAQ below to see what I cover.   

Do you guarantee the painting?  

As everyone uses their items differently, I have a 45 day guarantee on the painting which includes return shipping.  This is just to cover any painting/chipping due to any fault of mine or with the paint.  After that, there is a restoration fee based on the value of the painting.  I've NEVER had an issue with this, but have to include it;)

What is the refund policy?

All sales are final.  Due to the customized nature, I do not offer refunds.  Once a photo of the item is approved, I do not make any changes or refunds.  

Can you paint Anything?

In most cases, yes! I typically work from photos or my own designs, which I often collaborate with my clients.  For portraits and pets, I paint directly from the photo and recommend not altering any of the body/face so it is as realistic as possible  Have an idea? Just ask:)  

Is there any painting you do not do?

In most cases, I no longer do stripes...on Louis Vuittons in particular, unless it is part of a grander design.  I did stripes and monogramming for a while and I just enjoy creating things a little less technical now.  I can, however, refer you to some amazing women who are great at stripes if you are interested.

Have any other questions or interested in getting started?

Contact me.  Id love to collaborate and create something amazing for you.


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